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    We Making Difference To Great Things Possible

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    We are a leading HVAC Supplying

    Supply, Installation, and Maintenance


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    We are providing all kinds of HVAC equipment

    Supply, Installation, and Maintenance

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    24/7 Dedicated Professional Support

Al Yam is leading HVAC supplying

Al Yam is a company established in Iraq in the early 1996 and since then proved to be one of the leading HVAC supplying companies providing the local market with the supply, installation, and maintenance of HVAC equipment of all kinds

We specialize in HVAC

Repairing your facility's heating and cooling system needs qualified technicians to deal with the safety issues inherent around any HVAC system. We only work with trusted professionals who have the skills, knowledge and experience to get the job done. They are always ready to provide immediate assistance and services according to your needs.

24/7 Dedicated Support

We are trusted AC repair technicians. we have the best HVAC engineers that offer professional services. Just contact us whenever you need help; we’ll send the best.

What We Do

We Are Specialists In Operate Complete HVAC System


All MEP products from world-renowned brands


Using the vast experience of our experts in the industry


We provide exceptional after-sales services and expert training for project engineers to ensure proper maintenance

Project Completed A Quality Experience Team with 25 years experience

Al Imam Al Askreen

Erbil international Airport

Medical City, Baggdad

Al Mosel Hotel

Al Najaf International Airport

Al Jaderea Club, Baghdad

Duhok University

Samarah Drugs Factory

Hotels in Karbalaa

Al Dhifa Drugs Factory

Almosel University



Alrazi Hospital

Garmian University

Alanbar University

Khyrat Al-Sebtayn Company

Alnoor University

City Mall

Al Ulamaa Hospital

Al-Ramadi Teaching Hospital

Abou Nouas Departments

Al-Motahida adminstration Building - Babil

Al-Noor Hospital- Nasriya